Daniel's Hotel RomaHotels’ websites often claim that the hotel’s owners and management are very attentive to detail.
Sometimes this is true, others it is not. In any case, this can be hardly true in structures with hundreds of rooms.
It can be easily true, instead, when you find yourself in a boutique hotel like the Daniel’s. The hotel’s owners devote themselves fully – heart and soul – to selecting every single good and service meant for their clients, who, here, we like to call guests.  


Daniel's Hotel RomaThe furniture in every room has been purpose-built to measure by skilled craftsmen, while the paintings are inspired by the Neapolitan School.  The Housekeeper is responsible for ensuring that each room is perfect and reflects Daniel’s Hotel’s standard: clean bed linen, changed every day, and flowers and fresh fruit made available on the table of every room.



Daniel's Hotel RomaFollow the fragrance of freshly baked pastry and reach the roof garden where breakfast is served, with its breathtaking outline, and buffet laid out on crochet worked tablecloths.